Disruptive exponential technologies – the next five years

Rohit Talwar

Global Futurist, Founder & CEO of Fast Future Research

Our lives, our societies, our businesses, and our countries are being transformed through the application of truly transformational technologies that are forcing us to rethink every aspect of life on the planet. However, the changes we’ve experienced so far are nothing compared to what could happen in the next five years as exponentially advancing fields of science and technology start to combine and drive successive waves of disruption. This talk will highlight the expected advances, applications, and implications over the next five years in critical fields such as AI, robotics, intelligent assistants, autonomous vehicles, Internet of Things, cloud computing, 5G, blockchain, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, immersive media such augmented and virtual reality, next generation computing, hyperconnectivity, 3D / 4D printing, synthetic biology, human augmentation, vertical farming, DIY healthcare, automated construction, and new materials.

June 20 @ 13:00
13:00 — 13:30 (30′)

Main hall


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