Masterclass | Are you ready for the Circular Economy?

Andreas Ellenberger

Consultant, Trainer and Coach for Project Management and Sustainability


We are producing and using a lot of products which at the end of their usage end up as landfill or get burnt because nobody thought about the re-using when they designed the products. The earth will not be able to deal with the “take – make – use – dispose” approach which the linear economy is using – we need to become circular! Thinking and designing Circular Economy means to find new, changed ways to do business without wasting resources. This supports sustainable thinking: creating healthy products which do not become waste after usage. It involves creating new, holistic business models – not only to better repair, reuse or recycle but also lease, rent or share. In entail involving the customer and other partners into the value chain to create a closed loop.

Which business models already exist to achieve the Circular Economy? And how can you make your business more circular? What is the change in mindset needed and how can you overcome the barriers?

June 20 @ 15:30
15:30 — 17:00 (1h 30′)

Speakers lounge

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