Open source monitoring company ZABBIX

Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution designed to monitor in real-time performance and availability of IT infrastructure, including network devices, servers, logs, services, applications, virtual and cloud resources. Zabbix is widely used by large enterprises, SMEs as well as individual users from the USA, China, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Japan, Brazil and 60 more countries.


Energofirma JAUDA has been manufacturing electrical equipment since 1961. At the present it is one of the largest producers of electrical equipment in the Baltic States. Since the beginning JAUDA has produced products for energy sector and electrification including compact transformer substations, low and medium voltage equipment, structural metal constructions.


Amber Beverage Group (ABG) is a leading producer, distributor, logistics provider and retailer of beverages. It operates internationally from its head office in Luxembourg and through its production and distribution companies in Russia, Mexico, the UK, Australia and the Baltics, its historical home. ABG produces, bottles, markets, distributes, exports or retails a comprehensive range of beverages of more than 600 own and third party brands. It has an own brand portfolio of over 130 brands, and exports its global brands like Riga Black Balsam, Moskovskaya Vodka, Rooster Rojo Tequila and Cosmopolitan Diva to over 70 active global markets.

ABG is a leading project developer and producer for many market leading private label beverages across most categories, in over 20 markets.

Wood impregnation company JAUDA KOKS

Jauda-koks is one of the oldest woodworking companies in Latvia, where impregnated wooden poles for power supply lines have been produced from the very beginning. The company has been able to adapt to all the changes over 55 years, because its product has been highly demanded in all times. Latvian pine is excellent raw material for wooden poles, therefore Jauda-koks poles can be found not only in Europe, but also in countries like Syria, Yemen, Eritrea, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Jordan, Israel, but the largest volumes are exported to Palestine and Libya.

The MADARA COSMETICS manufactory

MADARA Cosmetics is a Latvian manufacturer of organic skin care products. The ingredients include biologically certified flowers and herbal extracts from the Baltic region. Now in the 21st century, the company aims to prove that nature gives us all we need. In an unending quest to discover more of what nature still hides, scientific validation is a must for every one of MADARA Cosmetics selected ingredients and final creations.

The LĀČI bakery

Things happen a bit differently here. More thoroughly. If the people here do something, then they do it like it was done centuries ago – for real and sincerely. With their hearts, souls, minds and their own hands. At Lāči, dough is leavened in real wooden troughs; it’s kneaded by hand and formed into loaves which are patted to see if they’re ready. Each bump is felt and each grain is inspected to see if the farmers have put their all into growing them. Lāči bread is baked in a real wood-stove. The wood is arranged so each loaf of bread has its sides warmed, its crust loved and its centre attended to. The masters sit and watch like hawks and wait – wait for the mouth of the oven to be exactly as hot as it needs to be. For the bread to be baked, for it to be aromatic and delicious enough to be brought to you.

The VAIDAVA CERAMICS manufactory

Vaidava Ceramicsis a family owned historic pottery-turned-designer-and-tableware-producer. Since 1980 the company creates beautiful and functional tableware that show respect towards its historic production methods and design that challenges ever-changing trends. The tableware is handcrafted by 15 experienced artisans – starting from preparation of clay to accurate packaging. Only time-tested techniques and methods that the guarantee highest quality ceramics are used.
Vaidava Ceramics truly cares for the environment and wishes to keep it clean and unspoiled. Therefore all production waste is used repeatedly and only glazes that are lead free are used, which meet and exceed EU safety standards.

Muesli GRACI manufactory

Graci is functional muesli, hot cereal and quick meal of naturally high nutritional value. Developed in collaboration with scientists and top food researchers from Latvia and Norway, and tested in Germany. Triticale, developed by scientist Dr. agr. Arta Kronberga, is crossbreed of wheat and rye. It is important source of protein, fibre and B-group vitamins. Graci contains triticale, as well as several unusual superproducts, for example, spinach, cornflower, apple and pumpkin, chopped with their seeds and peel, rose blossom leaves and blackberries. Graci is chosen by athletes – amateurs and professionals – and ladies who focus on the weight changes and the look. The name of the product highlights its main function. No flavour enhancers or artificial colors are used.

The LABIETIS brewery

Labietis brewpub is where it all began – a pub and a brewery, where one can have a beer, whilst watching the hum and bustle of the brewery through a big glass wall. This is the heart and soul of Labietis where one can always try new and exciting experimental brews and enjoy the lively atmosphere of a Latvian pub.

The SKONTO PREFAB manufactory

SKONTO PREFAB is a prefabricated concrete elements producer, founded in 2002. The manufacturing site of the company is located in Salaspils area near Riga, in total eight hectares vast area, where the production unit with highly advanced equipment covers 7600 square meters. SKONTO PREFAB provides a full scope of high quality construction services, including full designing, manufacturing, well-considered logistics management and a complete assembly package of prefabricated concrete, steel and cross laminated timber constructions in Scandinavia and Western Europe. We specialize in structural concrete and CLT solutions for residential and non-residential buildings and have successfully completed a number of public, commercial and residential projects.

LED luminaire manufactory VIZULO 

Vizulo is a LED luminaire production and sales company specializing in territory, street, commercial, industrial and architectural LED lighting. Vizulo is a technology driven lighting producer with a focus on smart city concept development. Research and development of high-quality products are the priority of the company to reach higher goals and new export markets.

Printing and binding company LIVONIA PRINT 

Livonia Print is the biggest book producer in Northen Europe. With 55,9 million turnover in 2017 the company produced 38,3 million copies of books – working 365 days a year and every minute finishing 73 books.


Riga IT Demo centre, created and managed by Latvian IT cluster, is the coolest tech showroom that brings the biggest Latvian IT successes under one roof and presents a niche know-how that helps our companies grow global. It’s a chance for everyone to learn the Latvian IT experience story, gain quality business leads for partnerships and – the best of it – try out the products and solutions on the spot.


The Baltic’s biggest and most modern museum of historic vehicles displays more than hundred unique antique vehicles from all around the world, portraying the story of development of the automobile industry in the 20th century. In the museum it is possible to explore a working replica of the very first automobile in the world, the “Benz Patent Motorwagen”, origins of modern automobile brands, legendary sports cars, pre-war period retro vehicles, unique Kremlin limousines, as well as cars, mopeds and bicycles manufactured in Latvia during various periods. The diverse and extensive Riga Motor Museum’s exposition will provide educating and entertaining recreation for everyone.


The  Freeport of Riga is managed by the Freeport of Riga Authority – a derived legal entity (public institution). Freeport of Riga is a multifunctional port the largest port in Latvia and the second largest port in Baltic States in terms of cargo turnover (33.7 mln. t in 2017) that offers year round navigation. Main types of cargo handled at the port are coal, oil products, timber and products, containerized cargo, chemical fertilizers, metals, ferro-alloys and grain products. Due to excellent geographical location and hinterland connections, the Freeport of Riga acts as a key link in the cargo transit chain to and from EU, CIS and Asia and offers advantages provided by the Free Economic Zone regime.

Local brand of potato chips and salty snacks in Latvia ĀDAŽU ČIPSI

Just as much as Latvians like to eat potatoes for lunch they also love to crunch some local Ādažu Čipsi chips on a picnic, a hockey game or a party. In Latvia, Ādažu Čipsi are so beloved that by hearing “potato chips” everyone instantly thinks about Ādažu Čipsi and no other – that’s how strong their roots, traditions and recognition is. And Ādažu Čipsi loves their consumer just as much. By keeping up producing their best sellers and making innovations in products and product categories Ādažu Čipsi never takes a rest.

Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Latvija with its brand Ādažu Čipsi is the major producer of potato chips and salty snacks in Latvia. The company’s products with the brand “Taffel” are exported to the Baltic States, Scandinavia, USA, Russia, the UK, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

The LAIMA Chocolate Museum

The Latvian chocolate legend Laima guards many stories of the times, people and love, and chocolate production has always been wound in mystery. It is no surprise that people crave the opportunity to taste the best of Laima chocolates and to catch a glimpse behind the scenes of the wondrous chocolate production process.

Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Latvija is one of the leading confectionery and snack companies in the Baltic States and represents the following brands: Laima, Selga, Staburadze, Ādažu Čipši/Taffel and the Laima Chocolate Museum. These are well-known brands in the sweet, confectionery, chip and savory snack categories and have been loved for generations in Latvia.

The ALDARIS brewery

Aldara alus darbnīca is the most up-to-date museum of beer in the Baltics and the very first one in Latvia. The interior of the museum accentuates the historic evidences and boasts the authentic brewing hall, which has been kept untouched since 1938. Its copper beer tanks preserved until nowadays represent a very rare exhibit. The Beer museum is a good supplement to the brewery located in the other wing of the same historic building, where the most exclusive beers of Aldaris are brewed every day. The company produces beer, beer mixes, cider, carbonated soft drinks, waters, flavored waters and alcoholic cocktails.

The DAIĻRADE KOKS manufactory

Daiļrade Koks is one of the biggest and most advanced furniture manufacturers in Latvia, with more than 600 employees working in 5 factories across Latvia. The company is working in the business for 20+ years and this experience has allowed Daiļrade koks to become one of the leading exporting brands in Latvia. Main sales markets are Germany, Denmark, the United States and Sweden.

Recreational park RĀMKALNI

Recreational park Rāmkalni offers boat tours for rivers of Latvia, rodel track, mountain skiing track, bike rentals. Rāmklani is also a producer of different candied berries and fruits, syrups and pastilles from quince, cranberries, blackcurrants, rhubarb, blueberries and. Products have natural flavor, without preservatives and sweeteners, because the unique and gentle drying technology allows keeping vitamins, natural flavors and form of the original berries to the max.


In Valmiermuiža, not only is the live beer brewed, but visitors also get a chance to enjoy it. Everyone is welcome here to experience, and witness with their own eyes, how the fine beer is made from a combination of Valmiermuiža well water, delicious malt, aristocratic hops and natural yeast. An integral part of any visit is discovering and sampling the wide range of brews. This is also the perfect place to discover and enjoy the story of why food and beer are so compatible with one another.

Digital agency OVERLY 

Overly is the first and only company in Baltics that is focused on augmented reality development and finding use cases for it.

The SĒKLU MUSS manufactory

We are fascinated by the fact that we create healthy and, at the same time, delicious traditional sweetener substitutes.
We are aware that small things become big and valuable in our hands.
We learn and show that healthy food can be a blessing and we love with our contribution to public health.