Professor of Transforming Sociotech Design, Paris ESLSCA Business School

Agnis Stibe

Professor who transforms lives. At Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT Media Lab), he established research on Persuasive Cities that encourage healthy and sustainable routines.

He believes that our world can become a better place thought purposefully designed urban spaces that successfully blend technological advancements with human nature. His work on Transforming Sociotech Design (TSD) leverage socio-psychological theories to design sustainable transformations of our societies towards wellbeing and prosperity. Prof. Stibe has worked for a number of Fortune 100 companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Oracle. He has received awards from the MIT Media Lab (USA), Nokia Foundation (Finland), Dr. Theo and Friedl Schoeller Research Center for Business and Society (Germany), and the Ministry of Education and Science (Latvia).

Agnis will share strategies on how to succeed with transforming lives and businesses.