CEO at Organization Development Academy

Gitāna Dāvidsone

Gitāna has more than 20 years’ experience in HR and management development: mostly as a consultant but for several years also as a head of consulting company PwC. Having established HR and management development company O.D.A. in 2004, she also heads it. The clients of the company include managers and organisations from public sector, municipalities and private companies.
Facilitating development, including providing support to individuals and organisations experiencing change, is Gitāna’s both daily job and passion what makes her go beyond what’s been acquired and tried and come up, as well as experiment with new methods. This is why she often has to be a pioneer which is both exciting and hard.
Gitāna has master’s degree in organizational psychology and a qualification in leading external affair units. She is the author of Organizational Efficiency Model and has co-written the Leadership phenomenon in Latvia. Gitāna is a co-author of the quick-evaluation and development method TeamStream. Design product line Kriiva is also something she does together with a friend.

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